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“Dave and Greg (AnaMod's founders) are two of the flat-out smartest guys working in professional audio today. I've had long conversations with both, and what they know about electronics, sound and recording is deep. So when they started AnaMod I took notice and expected great things—I haven't been disappointed.” —Larry Crane, Founder and Editor, Tape Op Magazine

Audio industry veterans Greg Gualtieri and Dave Amels founded AnaMod® in 2006. Their mission: to design, manufacture, and market audio equipment based on an entirely new concept—The AnaMod Process™.

By avoiding microprocessors and digital signal processing chips and instead using time-proven analog computing technology, AnaMod products deliver exact sonic re-creations without the drawbacks of digital processing and none of the hassles of maintaining antique analog equipment or finicky digital software.

AnaMod products are entirely and purely analog, never process audio in the digital domain, are free from degradation caused by analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions, and introduce no latency.

Greg Gualtieri holds degrees in Physics from Columbia and Princeton Universities and spent 10 years as a research scientist at Bell Laboratories studying the properties of exotic semiconductor materials. In 1988, he founded Pendulum Audio which specializes in the amplification of acoustic instruments and vacuum tube recording products. Greg's history designing and building audio equipment extends over 40 years.

Dave Amels founded pro audio software company Bomb Factory and musical instrument manufacturer VOCE. He also runs an independent design firm providing services to recording artists and electronics manufacturers. For over 30 years, he built a reputation creating extremely high quality, innovative, market-leading products.

Together they combined their vast knowledge of electronics and mathematics and developed a new approach to designing recording equipment: modeling analog with analog.


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