“My hat is off to the AnaMod team for taking a truly novel approach to equipment design and opening up a whole new field of development in recording gear.” —Allen Farmelo, Tape Op

AnaMod ATS-1

“Pushing the levels hotter and hotter, the bottom end started to fill out and the dynamics became increasingly squashed before giving way to a lovely organic distortion. Exactly like a tape machine. The emulations seem so accurate that you almost take it for granted that you're using the real (reel) thing!” —Sound on Sound

“The ATS-1 is currently the most versatile and powerful piece of kit on the market in this category, with just about no competition. And I can't stress enough how important a box like this can be to the professional mixer working in the box. I would also expect that mastering engineers are going to love the ATS-1.” —Tape Op

AnaMod 660

“Most audiophile-sounding compressor in the group. You have to try hard to make it sound bad. Adds a smooth, buttery layer to drums, bass, and guitars.” —Electronic Musician

AnaMod 670

“Any fears that somehow the modelling process might not match the magic of valves are unfounded. Despite my gushing praise for the ATS-1 a year ago, I was still unprepared for how breathtaking the AnaMod 670 sounded. Stunningly and magically authentic Fairchild sound. No latency.” —Resolution

“In the mixing process more than a few lead vocal takes required no further compression or EQ. This has never happened to me before... I own a lot of compressors, but I had nothing before the AnaMod 670 that could do what this limiter does.” —Tape Op