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Updated: March 1, 2021

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AnaMod ATS-1

Two channel Analog Tape Simulator. Our flagship product introduced in 2006.

Base unit with M-79 & M-800 machine cards plus T-GP9 & T-456 tape cards
Additional M-351 machine card
Additional M-102 machine card
Additional T-111 tape card
Additional TX-0 tape card

AnaMod XF Tube

Two stage transformer and tube simulator. The ultimate studio grade amp/re-amp box and the most advanced piece of gear we make. Not for amateurs, people who can't hear distortion, or those who don't know what gain staging or phase shift is.

Special re-introductory price for a limited time
$1,695 $1,295

AnaMod 660

Out of stock, in production now

AnaMod 670

Out of stock, available Fall 2021


Classic Olympic Studios mic preamp. Limited stock, matched pairs only


20 dB preamp for high gain vintage microphones


Classic Olympic Studios equalizer


Tungsten lamp compressor. Out of stock, in production now